Saturday, July 17, 2004

do you want to create your own blog and don't know where to start?

To create your first blog follow these instructions:
  1. Create a blog account.
    • Go to and create a new acount.
    • When creating the blog account, you will need an email account. If you need a hassle-free email account, try Mailinator.

  2. After logging in...
    • The main page after loggin in is called the "Dashboard." Below the title "Dashboard," is the "Blogs" section, and below the "Blogs" section is the "Create A Blog" button.
    • Click that button to create your first and any further blogs. Hint: Do not use spaces, underscores ("_"), or language specific characters (i.e., "é") in the name of the blog you are creating. Microsuck's IE has problems with those in domain and document names. If you are tired of Microsuck IE's inferiority and security issues, try Mozilla's FireFox.

  3. To add images (for free) to your blog, use Hello (more on this soon).

Add a comment if you have any questions regarding specific issues (i.e., menus in blog pages).


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